Mijas Town Hall payment platform

For the payment of the different taxes, fees or public prices, the City Council of Mijas has designed this new service from where you can make the payment in one minute. Each one of the corresponding taxes will be governed in accordance with the provisions of its respective ordinance, specifying in each of them the particular circumstances of said taxes.

With this service you can make the payment of your receipts through a bank card with the secure online payment gateway or using any bank ATM with a barcode scanner. You must make 1 to 1 the payment of the different receipts.

Search for receipts pending payment

To show your receipts pending payment, you must provide us with your email, ID and your surname or the receipt number of any of your receipts related to the Mijas Town Hall.

Searching for related receipts...
Sorry, we have not found any receipt holder related to the data entered.
You must indicate all the requested fields to be able to verify your unpaid receipts.

Information about payment methods

Payment at a ATM

You can scan the barcodes at any bank ATM with a reader for direct payment of your receipts. Click on the ATM payment button for each receipt and position your smartphone under the ATM.

Online payment by bank card

Clicking on the online payment buttons will open a new window with the bank payment platform. Remember to return to this list window after completing the payment if you want to make the payment of another receipt.

List of receipts pending payment

You can make the payment of the following receipts with your bank card through the secure payment gateway provided by our bank or through a bank ATM with a barcode reader.

Remember that you can pay as many receipts as you want, you just have to click on the receipts you want to pay.

Receipt Code Recepit Total

*Select the receipts you want to pay. Remember that the final confirmation with the receipt payment receipt will be sent by email to the address indicated in the official taxpayer file.
This process may take a few days.

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